Our Unique Characteristics

We have designed our firm around key characteristics that collectively enable us to act as advocates of your overall financial well-being, providing investment management and financial advice on a full spectrum of financial matters. Our management team is comprised of experienced professionals, each with unique qualifications:

  • A long history of managing customized portfolios for individuals, trusts, foundations, pensions, profit sharing plans, and corporations
  • Direct, hands-on experience in all asset classes, in many cases from both the “buy side” and “sell side” , including equities, bonds, real estate, hedge funds, private equity and venture capital
  • An extensive background in financial management and operational responsibilities for corporations, institutions and individuals. We have furthermore developed a set of operating principles that enable us to maintain the focus on serving your best interests.

The unique elements of our approach are:

  • A team universally dedicated to delivering an unparalleled level of service
  • A willingness and capacity to understand your overall financial position, coupled with the ability to provide advice on a range of matters
  • In-house research and trade execution capabilities to actively manage your assets
  • A commitment to a transparent approach to managing your wealth, with the resources to support this commitment
  • An adherence to investing our personal assets consistent with how we invest your assets

Our talented team combined with our operating philosophy result in an organization uniquely qualified and committed to fully serving your needs in an unbiased manner.