Our Investment Management Approach

We start by understanding your needs so that we may mutually develop a comprehensive investment strategy, considering your overall net worth. Each portfolio is constructed and managed based on your parameters regarding total return, income, liquidity, and risk. Our primary objective is one of capital preservation and long-term growth with risk managed through a diversified investment portfolio. For taxable accounts, we proactively manage the tax efficiency of investments and transactions.

In volatile market environments, our investment philosophy permits the flexibility to shift the equity and fixed-income allocations to maintain value.

We believe that successful investment management requires an intensive and hands-on process to monitor and interpret market dynamics. Furthermore, we believe that experience matters by virtue of lessons learned managing investment portfolios through good and bad markets and numerous business cycles. Our in-house experience in fundamental research, asset/security selection, portfolio management, and trade execution provides significant benefits including:

  • The ability to create and monitor multiple portfolios for a single client
  • The flexibility to negotiate with multiple providers for best price and lowest transaction cost
  • The ability to identify and quickly adjust to market developments in order to implement a range of investment management strategies
  • The capability to deliver customized research and first-hand intelligence of market developments
  • The proficiency to monitor and adjust holdings for specific tax considerations
  • The structure to confidentially transact on both a discretionary and non-discretionary basis
  • The ability to execute in alternative strategies including short-term trading, hedging, options, margin transactions, and short selling