Transparent Approach

We believe complete clarity is vital to effectively serving as your trusted advisor. We are committed to clearly detailing any and all manners by which we are compensated from our relationship.

One of our founding principles was to avoid many of the conflicts inherent in our industry. We have designed our operating environment and committed our firm’s resources to best avoid circumstances where the firm’s interests may be in conflict with your interests. We are committed to clearly detailing any and all manners in which we are compensated for serving our clients.

We furthermore believe you deserve to know all parties that benefit from the activities that we undertake on your behalf. We want you to have a complete understanding of these parties, and the benefit you derive from these arrangements.

  • We do not engage in any contractual third party “soft dollar” arrangements that could effectively shift operating costs from our firm to you
  • We do not share in brokerage fees or custodial fees
  • We have no obligations to our vendors or service providers that could influence our trading or investment decisions
  • As an independent firm, we have the freedom to leverage new technology to reduce transaction costs and improve efficiency for your benefit

Simply stated, our sole objective is to serve our clients.